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CNL e-Time is a web-based time management system that automates and simplifies your working environment! It is a simple and yet convenient system that simplifies the process flows from time calculation to payroll entries.


With e-Time to handle all your employees time, this Employee Self-Service (ESS) module allows employee to check their duty roster and own timesheet via online (internet/intranet).

The system will also keep track of all employees' attendance records such as time in/time out, lateness, overtime, leave and time attendance related allowances. User is able to view their current month timesheet along with the approved or system computed overtime and allowances.

e-Time is paperless, fast and convenient by breaking all the traditional manual timesheet calculation. On the other hand, it reduces administrative cost, man power, time and increases department’s productivity.


Fingerprint Reader 


Real-Time Attendance Report for Multiple Work Locations
Auto-Calculation of Overtime & Customizable Attendance Allowances such as Attendance Bonus, OT Meal Allowance, etc
Unlimited Shift Patterns Creation including Split Shift
Support up to 24 Hours Rotational Shifts
Pre-defined Working Calendar or Duty Roster
Fully Compatible with All Biometric and Proximity Card Readers
Supervisor Login - View/Verify Attendance Anytime, Anywhere
Comperehensive Reports such as Lateness, Absenteeism, Total Work Hour, etc
Fully Integrated with e-Payroll and e-Leave Management System

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