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e-Claim is a web-based claims management system where an employee can manage claims and submit claims online with scanned receipts.


Out-of-pocket expense management now encompasses various heads such as cash advances, medical claim, currency exchange, travel management and hotel accommodation expenses to name a few.

A poorly managed expense claims process has the potential to cause employee conflict which could result in decreased human capital for the organization or a direct impact on bottom line in the case of badly tracked employee claims.

A streamlined claims process, such as the one described below should be quick, transparent and standardized across the organization to be really effective:


Expense Workflow



Incurred an expense while traveling outstation? You can immediately log the claim amount and relevant remarks into the system, save the claim form, and further update it when more expenses are incurred.


e-Claim main features:-


  Easy Setup and User Friendly
  Unlimited Employees Creation & Access
  Auto-calculate Claims Entitlement
  Easy to Check Claims Status

Multi-Levels Approval


Approval & Notification via E-Mail


User-Defineable Fields for HR to Customize Claim Items


Powerful Reporting

  Unlimited Claim Types Creation
  Claim Amount Capping, and Auto-Prorate Function


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